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Hmmm, do you have a question?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, for extra helpful information ahead of yourevent!


Feeling Hungry?

Brace yourselves for the variety of Food & Beverage choices we have within and around the Big Top Sydney! 


Big Top Sydney prides ourselves as a venue to deliver the best time to all of our event guests! If you have an accessibility enquiry, complete the  Accessible Enquiry  and our team will be in touch with you shortly!


Gig Etiquette and Arrivals

General Admission Shows

Are you keen-as for a gig? Can’t blame you. However, excitement aside we need to be serious about anyone arriving before advertised door times.

We’re a unique venue. We operate within Luna Park Sydney (Amusement Park) and we’re busting at the seams with fun. Big Top Sydney & Luna Park discourage early queuing so that we can deliver the most amount of fun to all of our guests.

However, if should you wish to plan against this recommendation, we’ve put together a few pointers so that you’re prepared, energised and ready to cheer as soon as the house lights turn on!

Tip #1 Rest Up!   

    - If you’re planning to queue up for the long-haul, make sure you tuck yourself in for a good night’s rest.

    - Drink plenty of water, and stay nourished.

Tip #2 Event Prep

Listen up, this part is KEY – here’s your list for success.

    - Weather Conditions tune into the weather channel, or head over to BOM. Become most informed to ensure you’re taking care of yourself.

    - Packing Right please pay attention to the Conditions of Entry and do not bring Prohibited items. The queuing area is exposed to nature’s elements; ie rain, sunshine and wind. Consulting the weather conditions, and packing sustainable food and beverages is SO IMPORTANT to ensure you are not only comfortable, but also protected.
    FORGET SOMETHING? Look to Tip #4

    - Movable furniture; ie. camp chairs, tables, tents are not permitted on premises. Please ensure you comply to avoid unnecessary security intervention.

Tip #3 Where to go!

    - If you arrive at Luna Park Sydney before the advertised door time – queuing takes place on the boardwalk.

    - Do not walk through Luna Park, rather walk along the Boardwalk from the Luna Park Face until you reach the Hair Raiser.

    - This is an un-covered, open area - please make sure you follow TIP #2 and do all your research before queuing,

Tip #4 Whilst you wait…

    - Forgot that ‘one’ thing? The Luna Park Merchandise Shop is busting with sunscreen, hats, ponchos, umbrellas, jackets, t-shirts and more. Make sure you’re comfortable and protected.

    - Bathroom Facilities Please check Luna Park’s Operating Hours. If we’re open all bathroom facilities are open for your use. If the park is closed, the front of the park’s mobility bathroom is always open (look out for signage which may point you in the direction of additional bathroom facilities on park close days)

    -H2O will ensure you're good to go! Make sure you keep your water levels at an all time high and stay nourished throughout the day.


    Tip #5 Show Time

    Once our doors open, you’re going to be starry eyed at the stage. Be informed, be prepared be the best big top gig-er there ever is.

      - Entry - for General Admission events, entry will be at the organisation of venue staff and security and 90% of the time will be via the Main Entry Doors of Big Top Sydney.

      - Food & Beverage – We have outlets busting at the seams with food and beverages of all kinds! We’re a licenced venue so leave personal food and beverages at home or dispose prior to entering.

        - If you have medical dietary requirements (ie. insulin) we’re here to help!
        Click here to give our Front of House Team the heads up in advance, to ensure smooth entry on the night.

      - Bag Restrictions – General Admission Guests cannot bring a bag any larger than X.

      - Cloakroom – Big Top Sydney’s cloakroom is located in Foyer 1.  

      - Photography – No professional photography. Leave such devices (including video recorders) at home. For a full list of prohibited items, click here.

      - Anti-Social Behaviour - is not supported by the venue so if you see this behaviour happening around you, kindly make our security and venue staff aware.

    Lastly but most importantly,

      - Share & Care – We ask for all of our patrons to show respect for everyone to enjoy their night out!

    Reserved Seated Shows

    If you’re lucky to score a reserved seat to any of our shows, you’ve already sorted it!
    Do not arrive any earlier than the advertised door time for a reserved seated event.

    Also, if the event you’re attending has a General Admission component, but you have a Reserved Seated ticket, again - you’re all sorted. Your seat will be ready for you as soon as we crack open the Big Top Sydney’s doors.

Big Top Sydney is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our event-goers.

Our venue staff are here for you! Front of House, venue and bar staff can be the answer to any of your questions; we’re here to make sure you have the best experience.

For your ultimate enjoyment, take note of these guidelines:

    - Hydration Station - – Water is available at no charge at all licensed bars keep your water levels high throughout the night

    - Rest & Reprieve – – Throughout the night, make sure you’re keeping fresh! Foyers are available for you to take a break.

    - Need a hand? – If at any stage at an event you require assistance, speak to a staff member in a grey shirt (security) or head straight to the Entry Doors for front-of-house assistance.

    - Medical Assistance – First Aid is available in Foyer 1, located right of the Foyer Bar.

    - Crowd Surfing & Moshing – is prohibited. Patrons undertaking these activities will be asked to leave the venue.

    – Patrons in the general admission area are subject to high temperatures, and at times strenuous physical contact – participation is at your own risk.

    - Licenced Premises – Anyone showing signs of intoxication will not be allowed access into the venue and will be asked to leave the premises.

    - Dangerous and/or illicit items – Will not be permitted inside the venue. Persons found to be intoxicated or under the influence of or in possession of illicit drugs will not be permitted to enter or remain on the premises.

Now, you know it all … time to enjoy the show!